For new homeowners and veterans alike, here are some tips and tricks that can make home maintenance a breeze.

Home Maintenance Tips

Tip of the Month:

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Seasonal Checklist

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Looking To Hire An Expert?

Doing it yourself is always an option, but if you’re thinking of a
bigger project or want an expert’s opinion, here are some of
the locals we are always happy to recommend.

Box 22142, Steinbach, MB R5G 1B6

62 Morgan Place, Mitchell, MB


(Window Blinds)
155 Main St, Steinbach, MB R5G 1Y5

Crown Mechanical
P: 204-371-7381

Penn-Lite Inc.
P: 204-326-3233
Box 1840, Steinbach, MB R5G 1N5

Bert’s Refrigeration
P: 204-326-2979
30 Penner Dr, Blumenort, MB R0A 0C0

Reimer Yardworks
P: 204-371-6661
20 3rd Avenue, Blumenort, MB

Blatz Landscaping
P: 204-346-46-54
8 Pine Cres., Steinbach, MB R5G 0G7

Pete’s Landscaping
P: 204-326-3668

Diamond Construction & Gravel
P: 204-326-3456

Barkman Concrete
P: 204-667-3310

Diamond Construction & Gravel
P: 204-326-3456

Solomon’s Furniture
P: 204-326-6688

Barkman Appliance Service Ltd.
P: 204-326-4512

Mark’s Quality Painting
P: 204-380-3897

Greg Duerksen Painting
P: 204-371-9818

D&D Painting
P: 204-371-6653

Steinbach’s Flooring Canada
P: 204-326-7624

Pineview Siding, Soffit and Eavestroughing
P: 204-346-4210
431 Fourth Street Steinbach, MB R5G 0V2

Inex Plastering & Stucco Inc.
P: 204-388-6499

Render Construction
P: 204-392-8102
24-A Ellice Ave, Steinbach, MB, R5G 2B8


Why are eavestroughs and downspouts important?

Eavestroughs and downspouts are meant to collect water from your roof and drain it away from the house foundation to avoid roof and structural damages. As part of normal home maintenance, keep downspout extensions in place – swiveled to the down position – during spring, summer and fall. Regular inspection can also ensure there’s no debris clogging the system. For specific information on proper seasonal maintenance, you can refer to the seasonal checklists on this website.

What happens if there’s ice buildup on my roof?

Ice and icicles are a natural occurrence on roofs – at least in Manitoba. They are the result of a roof surface that is warm enough to melt the snow and air temperature that is cold enough to re-freeze the water. However, ignoring ice buildups can increase the risk of water leaks and other damages caused by ice dams. We recommend hiring a professional to remove buildups of ice and snow to ensure your roof stays in good shape.

What do I do if there are missing shingles on my roof?

If there is a chance your roof shingles were blown off due to severe weather and/or wind gusts, we encourage you to contact your home insurance provider as soon as possible to report this issue. Alternatively, if the damage isn’t a result of weather conditions, you can fill out the warranty form at the bottom of this page to report the issue.

My roof is leaking, does the New Home Warranty Program cover it?

Water leakage resulting from improper maintenance or weather conditions – such as heavy rain or storms – is excluded from the warranty. However, if you believe the roof has defects allowing water penetration through the roof or any associated flashings, please report it using the warranty form at the bottom of this page. Otherwise, we encourage you to contact your home insurance provider to report the issue and any damages caused by it.

How do I make sure my pipes don’t freeze in winter?

Keeping a house warm during winter is the best way to avoid freezing/bursting pipes. However, if for some reason there’s no heat in your house for an extended period of time, you should shut off and drain the water supply system. For exterior hose bibs, shut off any associated interior valves and leave the exterior valve open. Remember to also disconnect your garden hose from the exterior hose bib. If you detect a burst pipe, turn off the water supply valve immediately and fill out the form at the bottom to have a plumbing expert inspect the issue.

What happens if I find a leaking pipe?

If a leak is detected in a water supply pipe, you should turn off the main water supply valve immediately and report the problem using the form at the bottom of the page. A professional plumber will come to your house to assess the condition and fix any leaking pipes. Tip: Before shutting down the main water supply valve make sure it is in fact a leak and not just condensation on pipes, which can be caused by high indoor humidity.

What causes bubbles in the floor?

Floor bubbles are usually the result of high humidity levels in the home, where moist air rises from below and gets trapped under the surface. They can also be an indication of direct water damage, which happens when spills are not cleaned up immediately.

Where can I get blinds for my windows?

There are a couple of different places in town that offer custom solutions. However, if you’re looking for standard sizes at a reasonable price, we recommend checking out the Great Canadian Dollar Store. Here are some of the styles they carry.

There’s condensation and/or frost on my windows, what do I do?

As the result of humidity levels in indoor air and cool window surfaces, condensation is common during winter. However, there are some steps you can take to keep this at a minimum. Here are a couple of articles that you might find helpful when it comes to fighting condensation: How To Fight Humidity and Condensation and How To Keep The Water Out.

I feel a breeze coming through my window, is it normal?

Sometimes, minor air infiltration happens during very windy conditions, however, your windows were manufactured to meet specifications for weather-tightness and are designed to withstand reasonable wind loads. To avoid serious air leakage, you should inspect and replace all weather-stripping once it becomes worn. Tip: Sometimes the breeze can be the result of interior air movement (i.e. vents, fans, etc.) instead of actual air leakage through the window.

Why does my door rub on the jamb and/or does not latch?

Seasonal humidity levels may cause doors and jambs to swell, which can result in temporary rubbing but is no cause of concern. Regulating humidity levels inside the house and ensuring proper ventilation can help avoid this issue. We recommend following the suggestions in this article to control Humidity & Condensation in your home.

I feel a breeze coming through my exterior door, is it normal?

Sometimes, minor air infiltration happens during very windy conditions, however, your doors were manufactured to meet specifications for weather-tightness and are designed to withstand reasonable wind loads. To avoid serious air leakage, you should inspect and replace the weather-stripping once it becomes worn. Tip: Sometimes the breeze is a result of interior air movement (i.e. vents, fans, etc.) instead of actual air leakage through the door.

I’m doing some paint touch-ups around the house. What is the exact color I should use?

Paint touch-ups are always a good idea to keep your house looking sharp, but the wrong shade of color can end up making the job look messy and unprofessional. Once construction was completed, we left a couple paint buckets in your house to use as a reference. We recommend getting the exact same brand since color can easily vary. You can always contact one of our recommended painters if you have more questions.

What do I do in case of a power outage?

Sometimes power can be disrupted for a couple of hours, however, in extreme cases, such as severe winter storms, power may take longer to come back. That is why, it’s always a good idea to have a Power Outage Emergency Kit ready. You can also visit MB Hydro’s website to report a power outage and to learn more about what steps to take in case of one.

How do I get internet at home?

ATG and BellMTS have partnered to offer you 6 months of free Wi-Fi and other services after your new home purchase. Follow the links to find out more about ATG Connect Home and their services. You can also contact them at or 204-957-7799.

How do I take care of my new home?

This website is meant to highlight areas of your home that need maintenance on a regular basis. Make sure you review our tips section and seasonal checklists for some recommendations. We also suggest going through the Care and Maintenance Guide provided by the New Home Warranty Program of Manitoba for a more in-depth review of home maintenance.

What do I need to know about my property taxes?

You will get your property tax statement in the mail sometime in June and will have to submit your payment before the last business day in September. Please note that new property owners are responsible for this even if they do not receive a notice, in which case, you should contact the City of Steinbach. Find out more about Property Taxes.

Why is my garbage not being picked up?

Check the Garbage & Recycling Schedule (link to pdf) to make sure you put your garbage out on your collection day and follow these steps to ensure it is collected:

  • Have your garbage at the curb by 8:00 a.m.
  • Containers should weigh no more than 50 lbs. (22.5 kg) and must support the weight of their contents.
  • Use garbage cans with handles (no barrels)
  • Don’t include any construction material, sod, earth, concrete or shingles
  • Branches or like items must be tied in bundles or placed in containers

What isn’t covered under the New Home Warranty Program?

This program is designed to provide a comprehensive warranty of your new house, however, like any other warranty, some repairs aren’t included. Before filling out the warranty form, we recommend going over this list of things that are not part of the program:

  • Seams in sheet vinyl, carpet, drywall surfaces
  • Reflection caused by gloss surfaces, revealing the outline of sectional material below the surface of the material
  • Nail pops, seam lines and variations in drywall surfaces
  • Cracks in plaster, drywall, masonry, stucco and concrete (including basement and garage floors) provided the cracks are within the normal tolerances established by the Program
  • Shrinkage or warping of materials, provided the shrinkage or warping is within the normal tolerances established by the program
  • Slab heaving and cracking
  • Soil subsidence of the land around the building or along utility lines and sewer and water trenches, including subsidence or heaving beneath the footings or piles of the home
  • Colour variations or surface defect in workmanship or materials apparent and accepted by the homeowner at the date of possession
  • Damage arising from the failure of the homeowner to maintain the home in accordance with maintenance schedules established by the program, including but not limited to:
    • Damage caused by or resulting from dampness or condensation due to the failure of the homeowner to maintain adequate ventilation in the home
      Damage arising from the failure of the homeowner to maintain adequate drainage of surface water away from foundation walls of the home and, in particular, from improper maintenance and operation of a sump pump
    • Damage arising from the failure of the homeowner to adjust teleposts to allow for normal shrinkage of wooden structural members and movement of concrete footings or pads
    • Defects in materials, appliances, design or workmanship supplied by the homeowner, or defects in alterations or materials supplied by the homeowner
    • All matters directly or indirectly arising from or related to environmentally harmful substances or hazards, deleterious substances, mold or toxic materials on, in or about the residential unit regardless of the party responsible

My house is part of the New Home Warranty Program of Manitoba, what does that mean?

When it comes to building a house, there are thousands of material components and dozens of different professions, trades and other skills used to design your home. The New Home Warranty Program brings all these elements together under one comprehensive warranty that covers defects in workmanship and materials for the 1st year following the possession date and major structural defects for 5 years. Find out more about your house coverage.

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This residential development consists of 12, 4-plex units on the eastside of Lorette. With 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths and an open concept living area, these 962 sq.ft. homes provide renters in the area with brand new accommodations at an ideal location.

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